27 January 2017

A compliment is verbal sunshine | lifestyle

I am the kind of person who will always compliment others and try to bring some positivity in others' lifes. If someone did something well, I will make sure they know. If someone is looking good, I'll tell them. The reason I do this is because I know that people usually only tell the things that still need work. Constructive critisism is good and necessary in order to grow as a person of course, but people often tend to forget the effect a compliment can have on others.

 I like it when people compliment me on the way I look, especially when I actually made an effort to look really good. 
When people compliment me on something other than my looks however is something I love. 
When someone compliments me on my personality or my work, those moments are so precious. 

Because let's face it, of course we like to get compliments on the way we look, but when someone actually takes a little bit of their time to let you know that you matter, that you are an amazing person with great qualities, what's not to love, right?!


NEDERLANDS: Ik ben de persoon die iedereen altijd complimentjes geeft. Als iemand er goed uit ziet, zeg ik dat gewoon. Als iemand iets goed heeft gedaan, zeg ik ook dat gewoon. Ik doe dit omdat ik weet dat mensen gewoonlijk alleen de werkpuntjes vermelden en uiteraard is constructieve feedback nodig om te groeien als persoon, maar we mogen ook zeker het effect van positieve feedback niet vergeten!

Ik vind het leuk als mensen me complimenten geven over hoe ik eruit zie, vooral als ik echt moeite heb gedaan om er mooi uit te zien. Wanneer mensen me becomplimenteren voor mijn persoonlijkheid of werk echter, word ik oprecht blij. 
Want geef toe, iedereen wordt blij als iemand de tijd neemt om je even te vertellen hoe geweldig je wel niet bent!


  1. This is such a lovely post! It's so important to compliment people on things other than their looks i defo need to do more of that.. i think people remember it more when you compliment them on their qualities


  2. The BloggersHub tweeted your blog on twitter today and I nearly scrolled past but so glad I didn't. Your writing and the compliments on the board have inspired me to give my friends a compliment today. Thank you, you are an inspiration to many.

  3. I reaaaly like the title of your post. :) I do agree that saying nice things to people is.... nice! :) I always think that we should encourage people around us (or even strangers) because a lot time we are very critical to ourselves and there are a lot of other people who are critical and insensitive, so a compliment or a nice word can brighten up someone's day and why not do it! :)


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