27 November 2016

Bring Me The Horizon @ Hovet | concert

Last week I was at Annexet to see Alter Bridge, this week I could be found at Hovet to see Bring Me The Horizon
I went to this concert all by myself and sitting between a bunch of teenage emo girls made me feel a tad awkward. 
The support acts were Basement and While She Sleeps. I enjoyed both their performances, but felt like Basement was more my style of music. I was pleasantly surprised by While She Sleeps too though!
I couldn't always hear the singer's voice properly, but other than that I have no remarks on BMTH's performance!

NEDERLANDS: Vorige week kon je me vinden in Annexet voor het concert van Alter Bridge, deze week was ik te vinden in Hovet voor Bring Me The HorizonDe voorprogramma's waren Basement en While She Sleeps. Ik vond beide voorprogramma's heel goed, maar de stijl van Basement spreekt me net iets meer aan. 
Behalve het feit dat ik de zanger niet altijd duidelijk kon horen, heb ik niks aan te merken op het optreden van BMTH!

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