3 February 2016

Deux jours à Mons | friends

In January I had to do a project for my French class. Together with some of my fellow students we had to arrange a stay of two days in a city in the French speaking part of Belgium. We decided to go to Mons, because it was the European capital city of culture in 2015, so we figured it would be interesting to visit! We had never been there before and crossing the language border actually made us feel as if we were abroad. Belgium is a weird country!

During our stay in Mons we had to interview people on the street and we had to visit some companies. We obviously did all of these things. We filmed them as well, but it felt rather inappropriate to leave them in this video. So just imagine us talking French if you want to. We actually can speak it, so don't think of us as morons please haha!

Have you ever been to Mons?

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