12 January 2016

Katrin Berndt | GirlLove

I recently saw Superwoman's video about GirlLove and I felt deeply touched by it, because it is true that women spread a lot of negativity around about other women. I sometimes am jealous of other women and I used to say bad things about them too. Not cool! And I realise that now. So from now on, I'm trying to stop girl on girl hate. 
Even more: I am trying to tell other women that I actually admire what they're doing and spread some positivity. 
And what better way than regularly write on my blog about women that inspire me?!

Today I would love to make an ode to the amazing Katrin Berndt, a 22-year-old Swedish Youtuber, blogger, online personality and just overall superduper cool person!

I got to know Katrin thanks to Jenny from Rocknrollerr, another girl that I really admire. I have been following Jenny for a couple of years now. She made a video with Katrin quite a while ago and I immediately liked Katrin, her style and her no-nonsense lifestyle.

The thing I love the most about Katrin is the way she loves herself. She likes herself, is confident about her body (As she should, she looks great!) and she doesn't care about your opinion on her. She is very confident and will take shit from no one. Some people might find that a bit disturbing, but I freaking love it!

Katrin looks amazing.She has quite an amount of tattoos, she has stretchers in her ears and a septum piercing (Is that how you call it? I'm not sure haha) in her nose. I like tattoos and piercings. I am usually not a big fan of stretchers, but they somehow look amazing on Katrin.

I like the make-up tutorials that Katrin makes, but I love her other videos. I started watching her videos about Sweden, but soon discovered that I genuinely like all of the videos that she has already made. They are quite random, but whenever I see she has uploaded a new video, I just HAVE to watch it as soon as possible. I guess you can call me a fangirl now haha! I just really like to watch her videos. They relax me and I find her life interesting.

Katrin, I think you are a very inspiring and amiring woman. Please, keep making videos and keep that blog of yours updated, because I really like all of it. You can see that, despite your IDGAF attitude, you put a lot of effort into it and it pays off. I admire you for all that you are and all that you do. I hope that one day we can meet and become friends, because I believe you and I would get along very well and I would like to have a friend like you in my life. ;)

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