2 May 2014

365 Movie Challenge: Update #4!

I told all of you in this post that I'm participating in the 365 Movie Challenge. This means that if I want to complete this challenge I have to watch at least 365 movies this year. It won't be easy, but I like a challenge! Hopefully you do too, because I will be keeping you guys updated about my progress in this challenge. I will be uploading a post every month. And I gladly welcome you to the fourth one!

I watched 12 movies this month. That's not very much, but it was quite a busy month, so I'm happy I got to watch 12. I've already watched 93 movies in total this year, which means I still have 272 movies to go. I hope to be able to watch more movies next month! But you'll have to wait for the next update to see how many and which movies I will have watched in May. Are you curious yet? ;)

Are there any movies in this list you've watched this month?


  1. Very difficult, but I kind of like it though! Good luck!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of movies. Good luck to you! But every weekend a movie-night.. From your list already seen: alle of them with the exception of 1 and 3. Really want to see The Book thief, do you recommend it?

    1. I wouldn't recommend it. I loved the book, but the movie wasn't really good. Okay, the story was still lovely ofcourse, but they spoke English with a fake German accent during the whole movie, which annoyed me greatly! I'd spend my money on another movie if I were you :-)


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