18 April 2014

My all-time-favourite-wishlist!

I always find an excuse to buy myself presents. And you know what? That's okay! If it's okay to buy others gifts, then why on earth wouldn't it be okay to buy yourself gifts? Okay, don't overreact and buy things you can't afford, but a little present for yourself every now and then should definitely be acceptable! I especially like to buy stuff for myself when I got good grades, but honestly: every opportunity is good enough! 

There are lots and lots of things I'd still like to buy for myself. Most of these things are just some random things that just pop up in my head from time to time, but there are also some things I've wanted to buy for myself for such a long time now. Things I've been craving for for years, but never bought. So behold ... my all-time-favourite-wishlist! Hopefully I'll buy all of the items on this list soon. Very soon!

First on the list is a faux leather skater skirt. I've seen so many of these by so many bloggers and I loved it every single time and I can't wait to have one of these of my own. Secondly, but certainly not less important on this list than the first item is a spiked Jeffrey Campbell lita. I fell in love with these shoes immediately! Too bad they're so expensive. Number three is a Dr Martens shoe. I've wanted a pair of shoes like that for a couple of years now, but never bought them. Maybe I should though change that, because they look so damn cool and I think I could easily combine them in a lot of different outfits! The fourth item on this wishlist is a high waisted jeans. I think a jeans like that looks really pretty and retro, but I haven't found one that I really like yet. And last but not least is a Skillet album. I want all of their albums. I've waited six years to see them live and this year is gonna be the year of all years: I'm going to see them live TWICE. In less than a month. Ohh yeah!

What's on your all-time-favourite-wishlist?

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  1. The Litas are just amazing and really edgy! For now my wishlist is quite empty, but definitely need some great brushes asap (recommendations?).


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