6 February 2018

November 2017 | lifestyle

November 2017 was a surprisingly busy month. I started the month of with the Battle Beast concert, wich was one of the most awesome shows I've ever been to. I also ended up front row, so cool! I went to Cologne to see Killerpilze live again after 9 years and managed to take a blurry selfie with them. I saw The Pretty Reckless and Stone Sour live. I absolutely fell in love with The Pretty Reckless and decided to buy one of their hoodies. It's so comfy I basically live in it! Furthermore did I see The Kooks live to celebrate a friend's birthday; I actually knew more songs than I expected. I visited one of my best friends in Amsterdam and helped out again at the cat shelter and snuggled up with some cats.

NEDERLANDS: November was aan drukke maand. Ik ging helpen in een kattenasiel en knuffelde enkele katten. Ik zag Battle Beast, The Pretty Reckless en Stone Sourlive in Stockholm  en reisde naar Keulen om Killerpilze weer live te zien na 9 jaar. Alle shows waren fantastisch goed! Ik bezocht ook een vriendin, die recentelijk naar Amsterdam is verhuisd.

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