16 December 2016

Couldn't hear the thunder, but I heard your heart race | music

When I heard that Miley Cyrus's little sister brought out a song, I was feeling a bit sceptical. However, once I heard her song Make Me (Cry), those sceptical feelings were gone immediately. They got replaced by surprise. Noah Cyrus sounds a lot like her sister and whatever your opinion on Miley is, you can't deny that the girl has talent. This collaboration with Labrinth is a really good one. I have been listening to this song on repeat for days and I'm still not tired of it!

NEDERLANDS: Toen ik hoorde dat Miley Cyrus haar kleine zus een lied had uitgebracht, was ik redelijk sceptisch. Dit veranderde snel toen ik het nummer hoorde. Noah Cyrus klinkt heel hard zoals haar zus en ongeacht wat je over Miley denkt, de meid heeft talent. Make Me (Cry) met Labrinth is een zalig nummer en het staat al enkele dagen op repeat!

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