11 August 2016

You know she's a little bit dangerous | music

I started to listen a lot to eighties music after seeing Foreigner live at Graspop Metal Meeting this year. Not just rock from the eighties, but all kinds of music from that period of time. And living in Sweden, I took over the pride of Swedish artists, so I am obsessing over Roxette just like everybody else. I only used to know some of her songs, but I've been listening to their music quite a lot recently and I fell in love with their song Dangerous!

NEDERLANDS: Nadat ik Foreigner heb gezien op Graspop Metal Meeting dit jaar ben ik into muziek van de jaren '80 geworden. Niet alleen de rock muziek, maar alle muziek van die periode. Sinds ik in Zweden woon, ben ik ook trots op de Zweedse artiesten. Recentelijk ben ik naar Roxette beginnen luisteren en werd ik verliefd op hun nummer Dangerous.

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