13 June 2016

#GMM16 preparation: Sixx:A.M. | music

I have been going to Graspop Metal Meeting for a long time already. And it's a tradition I'm not willing to give up yet. So I'll be going again this year! Even though I've been into the metal world for quite a while already, there are still a lot of bands I don't know yet. That's a good thing, cause it means I get to discover new music all the time! Time to see which bands on this year's line-up are looking interesting...

NEDERLANDS: Ik ga al heel lang naar Graspop Metal Meeting. Het is een traditie die ik niet wil opgeven, dus ik ga gewoon opnieuw dit jaar! Ook al ben ik allang geen onbekende meer in de metalwereld, toch ken ik veel bands nog niet. Dat is goed, want zo leer ik constant nieuwe muziek kennen! 
Tijd om de line-up van dit jaar eens goed te bekijken...


SIXX:A.M. is the first band I would like to discuss in this little Graspop 2016 preparation series.
Apparently these three guys are all very well known in the rock/metal music industry.
To be honest, I had no idea who they were or are.

I had heard the name quite often before, but never listened to the music, because I somehow thought it would be too hard for me. I don't even remember how I ended up listening to them anyway, but I do not regret it at all.
I have been obsessing over their song Prayers For The Damned ever since I discovered it!

NEDERLANDS: Sixx:A.M. is de eerste band in deze miniserie die ik wil introduceren. 
Blijkbaar bestaat deze band uit drie zeer bekende rockers/metalheads, maar ik had tot voor kort nog nooit van ze gehoord. Ik kende de band wel van naam, maar had nog nooit naar hun muziek geluisterd. Tot nu. No regrets! 
Ik ben helemaal geobsedeerd door hun nummer Prayers For The Damned.

Sixx:A.M. plays on Mainstage 2 on Friday 17 June from 14:45 until 15:30.
NEDERLANDS: Sixx A.M. speelt op Mainstage 2 op vrijdag 17 Juni van 14:45 tot 15:30.

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