15 May 2016

Lessons learned from Legally Blonde | movies

I never know what to answer when people ask me what my favourite movie is, but after watching Legally Blonde again, I feel like I finally know the answer! Legally Blonde might seem like a no-brain chick flick, but if you watch it and actually pay attention to its message, you will soon realise that it is anything but!

I have watched Legally Blonde multiple times in my life. I also watched the second movie and Legally Blondes, and even though these are all nice movies, I learned the most from the original 2001 movie starring Reese Witherspoon! So here are the lessons that I learned from Legally Blonde!

NEDERLANDS: Ik weet nooit goed wat ik moet antwoorden als iemand me naar mijn favoriete film vraagt, maar nu ik Legally Blonde voor de zoveelste keer heb gezien, ben ik er eindelijk uit! Legally Blonde lijkt op het eerste zicht misschien een chick flick waar je niet bij na hoeft te denken, maar er zit zoveel meer in! Neem het aan van de expert. Ik heb Legally Blonde al ontzettend vaak gezien. Ik heb ook Legally Blonde 2 en zelfs Legally Blondes gezien. Allemaal leuke films, maar de originele film van 2001 met Reese Witherspoon als Elle Woods is de film waar ik het meeste van geleerd heb. Hier komen ze dan, de dingen die ik heb geleerd van Legally Blonde!

Source // Bron

Be who you are and be proud of it. 
Wees jezelf en wees er trots op.
Elle Woods, Legally Blonde's main character, know who she is and is proud of it. She might not seem like the typical Harvard law student, but she proudly remains her own self. Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?

Noone can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Niemand kan je minderwaardig doen voelen zonder je toestemming.
Elle Woods doesn't seem to fit in Hardvard law school and people make fun of her, but she doesn't give a SHIT. 
She knows who she is, what she wants and all the other things are just details.

Treat everybody how you want to be treated. 
Behandel andere zoals je zelf behandelt wilt worden.
Even though she's not really accepted and people act mean to her, Elle Woods remains calm, collected and polite. She treats people with love and respect, no matter how horrible they treat her.

Accept others the way they are.
Accepteer anderen voor wie ze zijn.
Elle Woods knows that everybody is different and acecpts people's uniqueness. No judgement whatsoever.

Believe in your dreams. 
Geloof in je dromen.
Elle Woods dreams big. People might tell her that what she wants is impossible to get, but she never gives up hope.

Work hard, play hard. 
De boog kan niet altijd gesponnen staan.
Elle Woods has big dreams, but she has to work hard to make them happen and that is exactly what she does! 
But of course, relaxation is just as important as hard work. No shame in regularly getting your nails done!

Life is better with friends.
Het leven is leuker met vrienden.
Life isn't about what you do, but who you do it with. Friendship makes life so much more fun!

Work on yourelf, for yourself.
Werk aan jezelf, voor jezelf.
In the beginning of the movie, Elle Woods want to get into Harvard law school in order to become the perfect girl for her ex-boyfriend. After a while though, she realises that he's just not worth it. 
She decides to work even harder than she already did in order to get good grades, just because she can.

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