25 February 2016

Roadtrip with the best ღ | TBT

On Remembrance Day 2014 I went on a little roadtrip to Ypres with Yoni, one of my best friends. It was a two hour drive, so it was not extremely long, but it definitely was extremely cool to do. We had tons of fun! We sang along to some of our favourite songs, which I love to do with Yoni because we have the exact same taste in music. We talked about everything and nothing. We made jokes, we drank some stuff and ate some cookies as breakfast. Lovely time!

Not only the drive was fun, but the entire day was supercool. It was very impressive to see all of the poppies and all of the names of the people who died during the first world war. It leaves you speechless. The fact that we were there exactly 100 years after the war ended, made the day extra special. I'm very happy we went there that day. Beautiful memories!

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