3 December 2015

Comenius Project 2011 | TBT

In 2011 I participated in a Comenius Project, which is an exchange programme between a couple of secondary schools in Europe. We had some people coming over to Belgium for a week and I thought it was really nice to meet new people. A while later we got to go to Spain for a week. It was all about putting together a fashion show, but honestly, I never really had to do anything for it. It was just a lovely holiday during school hours!

Although I was not completely at ease during my week in Spain (I didn't know Spanish and the Spanish barely knew English), I really enjoyed it. Looking back on it all a couple of years later makes me realise that it actually was a really nice experience, because we got to know new people, we learned to communicate with people who speak a different language and we got to discover a bit of another culture. 

I do not really have contact with the people from then anymore, but I still really cherish the memories. 
This exchange was just for a week, but it was a really cool experience and if you ever get a chance like this, please take it. It's a bit of life experience that you will be thankful for to have! 

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