20 October 2015

I WENT VEGAN (& I love it) | vegan

I have always been an animal lover, that's for sure. 

I love the chickens that live in the back of our garden and I adore our gorgeous black cat. I love my boyfriend's dog and the cats at his place are just awesome. I love the dogs that live with my grandparents and with my aunts and uncles. I also really enjoy talking to the birds and fish that live with my grandparents.

Whenever I see a rabbit, I just can't help but stroke it and give it sweet little kisses. 
Although horses kind of scare me, I do like to talk to them and make them feel relaxed. 
I like to see cows, sheep and pigs in pastures and I enjoy talking to them and trying to befriend them.

Seeing an unloved kitten or a homeless dog breaks my heart. 
I will always be the kind of person that tries to lure them to me with some food. 
I will always be afraid to touch them, but most of the time I will stroke them and give them some love anyway. 

Left: me with Tonnie, our cat. Right: me with Thor, my boyfriend's dog.
When I learned at school that the meat we ate actually was made out of real animals, the animals that I loved (and still love) so much, the decision to stop eating meat was easily made. And even though I was only about seven years old, I knew what I wanted. I wanted animals to be happy. Becoming a vegetarian was an easy choice to make.

At home, my parents did not like the idea of me being a vegetarian very much. Luckily, my sister felt the same as me and had already made the same decision. After a while of refusing to eat meat at home or anyhere we went, our parents realised that is was not just a phase and they accepted and supported our vegetarianism.

Now, about fifteen years later, I decided to go vegan.

I always thought that vegans were just being ridiculous, because genuinly believed milk and eggs did not harm any animals at all. I always thought that it was all a natural process. But oh, boy, was I wrong!

When I found out the horrible truth about the egg and dairy industry, I was in shock and wondered why nobody in the world never did anything about it. Then I realised that I was somebody on this panet too and that I could do something as well. Because Gandhi was true when he said you have to be the change you want to see in the world.

I have been vegan for about a month now and I have never felt better.


This picture says it all really.

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