13 June 2014

Wherever she walks, she'll be captivating all the men!

Have you ever had that awesome moment when you meet a person for the first time and you just immediately really liked each other? That moment when you just seem to have that 'click' with someone, where you just liked each other from the very first time you talked to one another? I hope you have, because I believe everybody should've experienced this lovely feeling at least once or twice in their life. Don't worry if you haven't though. I'm sure that one day you will, and perhaps you might've already felt that automatic connection without you even realising it. You can also click with songs. Have you ever heard a song for the very first time and you immediately loved it? I definitely have!

Recently I decided to listen to Volbeat more, because I'm going to see them at Graspop Metal Meeting in less than a month and I still only know Heaven Nor Hell. Not cool, so I started to listen to this Danish rock band on Spotify. Then Lola Montez started to play. I immediately clicked with this song and now I'm addicted, I just can't stop listening to it. But hey, at least I'll know two songs when I see them live again!

Although it does sound really nice live as well, I prefer the studio version. But since I couldn't find a pretty video of the studio version, this live version of RaR 2013 will have to do.

Well notorious I have been, but never for fame!

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