24 June 2014

If there'd be any glory in war, let it rest on men like him!

I saw Sabaton play live at Fortarock. It was the very first time I saw them live and I only knew like two songs, but it was one heck of a party! The band is just so energetic and their songs are really captivating. I like how they make songs not only about famous battles, but also about battles barely anyone ever heard of. As a history lover, this is really interesting. Whenever I hear one of their songs I do some research on the topic. I discovered their song To Hell And Back at Fortarock and decided to look it up too. It's all about Audie Murphy, an American soldier who received every military combat award for valor available from the US! I found it very interesting to read more about him, maybe you too?

I'm going to see the live at Graspop Metal Meeting this weekend and I simply CAN'T WAIT to see them again and sing along to this song.
I'll be 'vlogging' at Graspop and I'll try to make sure that this song is in my video! Looking forward to it? ;)

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