25 April 2014

My visit @ Tosca PR

Last wednesday was a press day in a lot of press agencies in and around Antwerp and so ofcourse I had to visit some. My visit to Tosca PR in Berchem, nearby Antwerp, was wonderful. The people were really friendly and welcoming, the brands were all new to me, the products looked amazing and the goodiebag they gave me was filled with tons of nice stuff. I took a lot of pictures, but I decided to make a little video as well!

I really like these pictures that I took. They look good and they remind me of my visit to this lovely press agency. A goodiebag post will come later! And as promised also a little video of my visit. I'm so sorry for the not so good quality. My camera wasn't in the mood to focus wednesday and I'm a bit shaky myself, but it' my first video, so please forgive me for these beginner mistakes. I hope you enjoy the video!

I would like to thank the people from Tosca PR for this lovely meeting. I really enjoyed it!

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