4 April 2014

365 Movie Challenge: Update #3!

I told all of you in this post that I'm participating in the 365 Movie Challenge. This means that if I want to complete this challenge I have to watch at least 365 movies this year. It won't be easy, but I like a challenge! Hopefully you do too, because I will be keeping you guys updated about my progress in this challenge. I will be uploading a post every month. And I gladly welcome you to the third one!

I watched 30 movies in march, which I think is quite a lot. But ofcourse I'll have to watch a lot more movies to get to the 365! I've already watched 81 movies this year, so now I still have to watch 284 movies this year! Do you think I will make it or not? There will be another update next month! Every month actually. Until january 2015. That's when you will know whether or not I made it! So stay tuned!

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