28 March 2014

eBay Wishlist: all black everything

This post is inspired by the eBay wishlists from Rocknrollerr.


I believe black is the most fashionable colour of all time. It looks good on everyone, it suits with almost anything and it makes you look slimmer. I already have quite a lot black items in my closet, but I wouldn't mind having these five items in my closet as well. They all look so cool! I've always wanted a skater skirt and dr martens, so obviously they're on this list. I really like these shirts: they're so rock 'n roll! And that black satchel looks quite amazing too. I could use it in a professional outfit, but I'd also be able to use it in a more alternative one! I like that!

What's on your (eBay) wishlist? 

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